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Dr. Simonetta Morselli

A Mermaid in Italy “Italy is the country of love, pasta, and wine. It’s full of beauty, history, and art” says Dr. Simonetta Morselli. We had a conversation with Dr. Morselli about living in Italy...

Dr. Suresh K. Pandey

An Eye For the Sky: Everyone Can Dare to Dream “I am a self-made man, and I rose from humble beginnings to receive the best possible surgical training in India and overseas, and I am happy...

Dr. Tatiana Shilova

Motto of Dr. Tatiana Shilova “Through the Thorns to the Stars” For 20 years, Dr. Tatiana Shilova has combined clinical work with teaching activities. She works as a clinical professor and training surgeon in cataract,...

Dr. Pavel Stodulka

Dr. Pavel Stodulka, a Skilled Ophtalmologist and an Excellent Sportsman Having built the high-volume private Gemini Eye Clinics in central Europe, Dr. Pavel Stodulka, Ph.D., FEBOS-CR, makes a strong impression performing challenging surgeries like DMEK...

Dr.Samuel Masket

Not Only One of the Best Surgeons But Also a Wine Taster, a Cook and a Great Family Man Dr. Samuel Masket has been involved in clinical research all of his career and has...




The World’s First and Only Sinusoidal Trifocal Intraocular Lens

Acriva Trinova Comes to the Fore with its Four Main Features The World’s first and only Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL Acriva Trinova used by Ophthalmologists in...