Dr. Florian Kretz: I Found a Hobby To Be My Job

As a husband and father of two children, Dr. Kretz is a real family man. His family often join him for his travels as an invited speaker around the globe, giving him the support he needs to work tirelessly to get the best results for his patients.

Florian Kretz, FEBO, is a cataract and refractive surgeon dedicated to providing the highest standards of vision correction options to his patients. His patients can expect the implementation of the latest technologies and research results in his daily practice, always in the best interests of each individual to restore their sight. Dr. Kretz’s motivation is to offer each patient the possibility of a life without spectacles or contact lenses by always keeping in mind that each individual patient needs an individualized treatment.

The smile of a happy patient being able to see, for Dr. Kretz, is the biggest reward anyone can achieve as a refractive surgeon. As a family man and philanthropist, Dr. Kretz serves as CEO of Augenärzte für die Welt GmbH, an NGO dedicated to support the fight against preventable blindness around the globe. The present main field of interest of Augenärzte für die Welt GmbH is in Cambodia, where Dr. Kretz serves as a medical board member of the Khmer Sight Foundation. Dr. Kretz is an internationally renowned surgeon, performing over 2500 surgeries a year. He serves as the lead surgeon at Augentagesklinik Rheine and Augentagesklinik Greven and is a shareholder and CEO of Augenärzte Gerl, Kretz & Kollegen. He has won several international awards for contributions to international conferences, given over 1000 talks, courses, and lectures at national and international meetings, and published more than 100 articles.

Dr. Kretz completed his training and fellowships at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. As an internationally renowned researcher and ophthalmologist, he has been nominated three times for the international Powerlist: Top 40 under 40 in 2015, The Top 50 future most influential researches in 2017, and the Top 100 most influential in ophthalmology 2018. As husband and father of two children,  Together with his wife Nicole, they enjoy their work as philanthropists treating patients of preventable blindness around the globe. Spending quality time with his wife and children by the sea gives him the energy to manage his daily workload.

How did you get married?
In a horse stable at my parents’ home in San Francisco.

Do you have a child/ children?
Two, a 19 year old son who works in the clinic with me and a 10 year old daughter who is always carrying for her daddy.

Can you tell us about your best travel experiences… which cities have you enjoyed the most?
Surf vacation in Morocco with my family. We had a small apartment. Staff were great… It felt more like family than staff caring for us.

What attractions are you interested in when visiting a city? Historical places, food, touristic locations?
Easy answer, food. I love food and different flavors.

How has your career progressed?
I just worked along. But I realized I found a hobby to be my job, so all my passion went into it.

What are you most proud of in your career?
Managing to have still a great family while doing my work as a hobby.

What is the next big thing in Ophthalmology?
Changes are frequent, and ophthalmology is a rapidly changing field. I think the key for health care is changes in politics and changes in reimbursement rather than technology.

Can you tell us your ideas about the future of ophthalmology? Where do you see the focus of innovation heading in the next 5 years?
The focus is definitely to keep people in work force longer while offering them better vision. We are an aging population, and retirement age is progressing. That also means we need adequate visual function for a longer time period.

How do you motivate and relax yourself?
Easy answer, actually I don’t work as it is my hobby. My real work is managing a clinic together with my wife, though sadly that is not my hobby and kind of a 24/7 job. But
we share it, making it a family experience. I can relax best by the water with my family. Watching the waves, listening to the wind. Spending time with my loved ones BBQing for them or doing watersports together.

How would you describe yourself in a couple of sentences?
Not much to tell. Always restless, always looking ahead, trying to be a better person and offering my loved ones a happy wholesome life.

What are your hobbies?
I think everybody knows that by now…..

Which sports are you interested in?
Stand-up paddling, sailing, surfing, cooking.

Any life story do you want to add?
Don’t look back but learn from your mistakes and keep your loved ones close. Not really a story but definitely what helps me through my day.


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