Dr. Wojciech Lubon a Young Ophthalmologist and Athlete Showcasing his Talents on TV Screens

Dr. Wojciech Lubon is a talented young ophthalmologist. Although he ranks his profession as the first in his life, he is professionally interested in many sports. In addition, with his recent performances, he is also a potential star for TV series. He is interested in all aspects of sports, from beach volley to fitness. Dr. Lubon also plays a role in the TV series. Dr. Lubon states that he will never give up his profession over other careers as he will be one of the successful ophthalmologists in the future with his academic success.

Can you please tell us about yourself?

I am a resident of ophthalmology, currently at my last year of specialization at the University Clinical Center in Katowice, Poland. At work in the hospital, I deal mainly with diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, especially the cornea. I specialize in the calculation and selection of appropriate intraocular lenses for patients with cataract and refractive dysfunctions. I also work as a researcher responsible for providing and coordinating clinical tests aimed at assessing the effectiveness of new ophthalmic drugs. In the future, I would like to undertake the challenges in the field of corneal transplants, cataract, and refractive surgery.

Apart from being a clinician, I am a teacher and research assistant at the Ophthalmology Department of the Medical University of Silesia, where I have classes with students of various medical faculties. I attended international ophthalmic conferences, presented the obtained scientific data, and discussed interesting clinical cases.

I am an active member of the Polish Society of Ophthalmology (PTO) organization and the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS). In 2018, as a participant of the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) educational grant, I had the opportunity to work in one of the hospitals in Lisbon, Portugal.

What about your plans for the future?

My plan for 2020 is, first, to obtain a PhD degree. I started the doctorial procedure two years ago under the supervision of Prof. Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek. Since then, I have been studying the correlation between ophthalmic disorders and autoimmune diseases. My second goal is to pass the EBO exam in October and get the specialist title. In the future I would like to undertake the challenges in the field of corneal transplants, cataract, and refractive surgery.

What are your hobbies?

Among my hobbies, sports is definitely the primary one. I also like music – some years ago, I graduated from music school, particularly, saxophone class. After work – or should I say, in rare and way too short moments of tranquility between works – I try to keep up with recently popular science books and medical magazines. I like to watch movies and TV series, especially fantasy and science fiction genres. Whenever I have the chance, I travel with my fiancée around the world to learn about local cultures and habits.

Which sports are you interested in?

I train cross fit, fitness, athletics, struggle with canoeing and hiking in the mountains. However, from the early years of my childhood I’m in true love with beach volleyball. As soon as I went to primary school, my father enrolled me in a volleyball club, where I trained this discipline and actively participated in national and international tournaments.
I can even boast of winning the Polish Physicians Championships in indoor and beach volleyball few times, as well as several academic championships. During the World Medical & Health Games organized in Slovenia in 2016, I managed to win several medals, including the gold one in beach volleyball. My younger brother, who runs the gym and works as a personal trainer, takes care of my shape and stamina.

How did you receive the offer to participate in the TV series?

As far as my television adventure is concerned, a few years ago – after the beach volleyball match at MediGames– interviewers visited our hospital and recorded a brief report on this topic that was broadcast on the Polish TV news. A year later, I got a phone call from the director of the “Young doctors” series. I was offered a participation in the project.
I thought it was a good possibility to show people the work of an ophthalmologist in a clinical hospital. The series consisted of 10 episodes. In each of them, I presented a piece of ophthalmological practice: diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, and so on. I have appeared on other TV shows and news several times since the series was broadcast. Perhaps in the future, there will be more medical TV productions in which I will have the opportunity to take part.


Do you think you can continue your career as an actor?

My participation in television production was well received by my family and friends. Also, many of my patients watched the series and enjoyed my performance. For me, it was a very interesting adventure and new experience, which also taught me how to be confident in public appearances. Nevertheless, I still see the role of my life as the professional physician and scientist.



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