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VSY Biotechnology, has recently launched its global webinar series focusing on user experiences of its unique patented Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT) and Acriva Trinova trifocal IOLs. Thousands of ophthalmologists from all around the world have followed prominent speakers from various locations.

First stop of the series was Japan with Dr. Minoru Tomita along with moderation of Dr. Roberto Belluci from miles away Italy. Talking about innovation on such a convenient and innovative platform; Dr. Tomita stressed that the uniqueness of Acriva Trinova trifocal IOLs and the Sinusoidal Vision Technology do not only comes from the seamless vision provided at all distances, but most importantly it comes from its unique design which provides seamless vision without any concern on glare and halo just like a monofocal lens.

Second stop of the series was India. Dr. Anagha Heroor and Dr. Sucheta Parija along with moderation of Dr. Sachin Kale have had discussions on selection of the right trifocal IOL and managing a dissatisfied patient. Regarding their experiences on Acriva Trinova, both Dr. Heroor and Dr. Parija put an emphasis on importance of patient satisfaction and how their patients were satisfied with Acriva Trinova both in terms of continous vision at all distances and at all light conditions either mesopic or photopic.

VSY Biotechnology will continue utilizing online platforms for knowledge sharing to keep innovation and discussions on going. Please follow us on social media to get most recent information on global webinar series.


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