A First in Ophthalmology: VSY Biotechnology Cricket Cup in India!

VSY Biotechnology Cricket Cup 2020 held in Pune was a great motivational kick-off for the year and will be the start of a new tradition in India. See you in the next tournament!

VSY Biotechnology Cricket Cup 2020 was organized in association with Poona Ophthalmological Society. All the cricket players, including ophthalmologists of Pune and VSY Biotechnology employees, played with a high level of motivation and energy to be the winner.

Recap of the Match

The first team did the batting very well with boundaries of 4 runs and sixers. All the fielders tried to stop boundaries to reduce the run rate of first team. The excited audience cheered up the batsman to reach high scores and finally the first team was able to do 55 runs loosing wickets. After the 10th over completion, the second team started bat, played with high number of boundaries and won the first match with 5 wickets.

All the cricket lovers played another final match to win the VSY Biotechnology Cricket Cup. In the second inning, the second team played first and did 85 runs with maximum boundaries against the first team who played second and lost all wickets. The judge announced the second team as the winner of VSY Biotechnology Cricket Cup.

Best Batsman Trophy

Best Batsman Trophy went to Dr. Ketan Jathar, Pune which was given by Koray Alpaslan, Head of Business Unit – Direct Sales, VSY Biotechnology.

Best Bowler Trophy

Dr. Suvarna Joshi, President of Poona Ophthalmological Society, presented the Best Bowler Trophy to Mr. Sandeep Kadam, Head of Regional Sales West – VSY Biotechnology.

Best Fielder Trophy

Best Fielder Trophy was presented to Dr. Pritam Bhujbal, Pune by Dr. Suvarna Joshi, President of Poona Ophthalmological Society.

Man of the Match Trophy
Man of the Match Trophy went to Dr. Nilesh Chakne, Pune which was given by Sertan Yilmaz – Chief Sales Officer, VSY Biotechnology

Winner Trophy

VSY Biotechnology Cricket Cup was presented to the winner team by the President and Secretary of Poona Ophthalmological Society.


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